Mature love signs

Mature love has less to do with your age and more to do with how your love has evolved over time. It has to do with your willingness to love each other unconditionally and stay committed (even through the tough times.) Even after the newlywed/honeymoon phase has ended, and even after the euphoric feeling of new love ends, these couples are able to evolve into a deeper more committed type of love...a mature love.

Here are some characteristics of couples with mature love:

1. THEY ARE INTENTIONAL ABOUT MAKING THEIR MARRIAGES WORK. People that have mature love...have it because they put in the work. In the article, The Truth about Falling Out of Love, Amy Morin- LCSW says: "People who experience mature love don’t allow themselves to passively fall out of love. Instead, they take action. Choosing to take your relationship to the next level doesn't come easy. It requires you to behave in a way that is contrary to your feelings at times. It takes hard work, dedication and commitment."

2. THEY CONTINUE TO HAVE LOVING ACTIONS, EVEN WHEN LOVING FEELINGS AREN'T PRESENT. People that have mature love know that marriages have their seasons and their ups and downs. And even when they are going through their rough spells, they continue to have loving actions for each other. Dr. Johnny C. Parker, Jr., author of Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room, says: "When a couple chooses loving actions, often times loving feelings emerge again."

3. THEY SET GOALS. Goals are a great way for you to grow your marriage and family. Goals provide direction for your marriage and will strengthen your relationship as you work together to achieve them.

4. THEY KNOW HOW TO LOVE EACH OTHER. These couples take the time to find out how their partner needs to feel love (their love language) and then they choose to do it. Understanding each other's love language is one of the keys to having lasting love.

5. THEY KNOW HOW TO WORK THROUGH THEIR PROBLEMS...TOGETHER. We've seen couples overcome infidelity, financial issues and more. And the one thing that makes them different from couples that do not survive the storms is their ability to work (together) to solve their problems. Couples that have mature love work as a team!