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Long distance dating

Siobhan Copland answers a Female First readers question.

‘ Can a long distance relationship work?’

These days with modern technology such as emails, video calling, instant messaging, it is much easier to maintain contact with your partner. However connecting virtually of course doesn't compensate for human interaction, and the time spent and affection you can enjoy when in one another's company.

There are two different types of long distance relationships, one is if you began your relationship long distance, in which case, it can often feel more like a holiday romance, much like the part time parent scenario where time is precious, and it's all about having fun when you see each other. The reality when together day in day out, can be quite different.

Then there's the type where you have already build a stronger foundation, but other commitments such as work/ family cause you to be apart. This kind of long distance relationship tends to have a better chance of survival, as the trust is there, chances are the conditions of being apart would have, and certainly should be discussed.

It's important to be open about what you expect from being apart. Such as how regularly you speak to each another, and whether you are still going to remain monogamous to one another.

Another important thing is that people are making a near equal amount of effort, so for example, it shouldn't be one person always travelling, you should take it in turns, or else the person who is constantly going out of their way, will soon start to feel resentful.

Ultimately the only way it can work in either situation, is for there to be a specific plan for the future, and that plan simply must entail you both being together in the same place eventually.