Do what you love, love what you do, with the people you love.

How many of us can say we spend our time day to day, doing what we love and loving what we do, with the people we love?

It took me a while to get to the place I am today, where the work I do, is genuinely my passion, and the relationships in my life, are in the state I want them to be.

When I refer to relationships, I mean this includes your friendships, the way you interact and feel about the people in your family, your work associates.

Relationships affect each and every one of us, and they all are important. It is a constant work in progress, to maintain these relationships.

So whilst I look working with people to help them in their romantic lives, I also love helping people improve in every area, as when we work on the other areas of our development, this in turn impacts on our relationships, including the most important relationship, the one with our self.

I have read hundreds of books on the subject of relationships and love. Have personally matched and introduced thousands of people, from many different backgrounds with different ideas of what makes the perfect partner, and with different relationship histories.

I’ve seen couples I’ve matched up, fall into trouble in their relationship, and have shared my advice to salvage their union, successfully.

Some of the worlds top dating coaches and psychologists have told me I have an extremely high level of emotional intelligence, which has helped me help others and also helped me in my own relationships.

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Coaching for couples

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together a long time. So long as you are both committed to creating the best relationship, and there is love there to begin with, my bespoke coaching programme can help to strengthen your bond, and ultimately understand your partner on an deep emotional level, to be able to communicate on a deeper level, assert your needs without confrontation, establish or strengthen your spiritual connection, making you feel truly connected at all times. Do you desire to have a relationship where you feel truly understood and respected by your partner, do you long to feel sexy around your partner, and for them to ignite these feelings in you constantly. Do you feel as though you have fallen into a routine, and the relationship has lost some of its excitement. Do you feel you have stopped making each other a priority.

Relationships change, and we go through different stages of love.

Divorce rates are so high, because many don’t know how to navigate the stages, and the connection becomes strained rather than strengthened

But with the right guidance, you can enjoy a relationship which truly goes from strength to strength.

In order to see results, it is advisable to book at least 4 sessions, however some couples have coaching on an ongoing basis, to keep on track with their partnership goals. Sessions take place in a private space in Central London.


Coaching for Individuals

The most important relationship we have in life, is the one with ourself, I work with individuals who realise the importance of self love, and how to incorporate it into their busy lives, and guide them towards getting the right mindset to truly attract the ‘ right partner’ no matter how many times, you got it wrong in the past. My experience the past decade in matching and coaching individuals, and the insight I have gained through all my research has really helped me to understand, how to build and maintain a healthy relationship..

Putting out and shifting your energy. Breaking old habits, which no longer serve you and your growth. How to be authentic and stand out in a highly competitive dating environment. Ensuring you have a phenomenal relationship with yourself, and healthy relationships around you impacting your views and outlook. Keeping a check on emotions, and taking a logical view as well as being emotionally intelligent.

My approach is truly based on living a life you love, and emitting the highest energy, which is love! My clients are typically high career achievers, and truly wish to excel in this area of life. My direct approach truly sees transformations occur.

WARNING: My coaching is guaranteed to give you lightbulb moments!

Sessions take place via video call or in person at a private space in Central London.

Location and Fees


Location: 4 Staple Inn, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QH (see map below)

I am based in Chancery Lane (Holborn), Central London. My consulting room is set within the historic Staple Inn Buildings, just off High Holborn.

Getting here: My room is a 10 second walk from Chancery Lane tube station, or a 5-10 minute walk from Holborn, Farringdon and City Thameslink stations.

Availability: I offer morning, daytime and evening appointments, Monday-Friday Please contact me to find out my latest availability.

Fees: The cost of the initial session is £50. The cost of all subsequent sessions is £75 via video for individuals or £120 in person ( couples sessions must take place in person). All in person sessions last for 50 minutes.

Frequency of Sessions: Sessions, ideally, take place weekly, although I am not dogmatic about this; I'm aware that some people's circumstances don't always allow for such frequency. Likewise, although a fixed weekly time-slot is most common, some people prefer to come at a different time each week. I do my best to work round people's committments, work-based or otherwise, and try to offer as much flexibility with timings as possible.