Coaching for Relationship Success

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One of the most important investments we make in life, is the partner we choose.

However simply finding a partner is not the answer to having a lasting fulfilling relationship. 50% of marriages end in Divorce, relationship counselling is usually sought when it is essentially too late, when the damage is done, and is difficult to repair. Pre-marital counselling may not help either if you have essentially chosen the wrong partner.

By ensuring we are equipped with the emotional intelligence and competency to understand and express our emotions. Having the ability to communicate and assert our desires, needs, thoughts and feelings in a constructive way is a skill set so valuable.

It will not only prove beneficial in your romantic relationships, but in your friendships, family and work partnerships.

My parents broke up when I was 3 years old, and it feels as though ever since then, or at least from when I can remember I have tried to understand what love is about, what keeps people together and what makes a healthy relationship, and how do we pick the right partner, avoid breaking up the family unit?

I have read hundreds of books on the subject of relationships and love. Have personally matched and introduced thousands of people, from many different backgrounds with different ideas of what makes the perfect partner, and with different relationship histories.

I’ve seen couples I’ve matched up, fall into trouble in their relationship, and have shared my advice to salvage their union, successfully.

Some of the worlds top dating coaches and psychologists have told me I have an extremely high level of emotional intelligence, which has helped me help others and also helped me in my own relationships.

I strongly believe if you are serious about investing in a life partnership, you should invest in getting a coach before making the wrong partner choice, before rushing into to something which could leave you damaged and resistant to love again, and before pulling the plug on your existing relationship.

We all know communication is key, but most of us are communicating ineffectively.

Thus why you may still be single, and finding it hard to connect

Or in a relationship and struggling to stay connected to your partner.

I also give public talks, have been booked for various international and major city events, to share my knowledge and experience.

And featured in The Daily Mail, Female First Magazine, Huffington Post, BBC Radio Essex.

I also give talks to young people in schools, as I was bullied in school, and only in hindsight have compassion for those who targeted and bullied me. As I now understand the driving force behind their actions.

I also feel strongly that having the ability to understand where our ideals, ideas, and understanding of relationships, and getting clear on how we manage our emotions, set boundaries, assert ourselves in a non aggressive affective way. And having a healthy relationship with self, as we grow into young adults, is highly beneficial.

Having the right information from the offset, can help prevent

  • Unplanned teenage pregnancies

  • Young women becoming vulnerable to highly manipulative men

  • Prevent them putting themselves at risk of domestic abuse.

  • Help manage anger which can also help to combat violent crime

  • Reduce bullying behaviour as most bullies have low self esteem issues.

The benefits to becoming emotionally competent and aware are endless.

If you would like to find out how my coaching service may help you send me an enquiry below


Coaching for couples

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together a long time. So long as you are both committed to creating the best relationship, and there is love there to begin with, my bespoke coaching programme can help to strengthen your bond, and ultimately understand your partner on an deep emotional level, to be able to communicate on a deeper level, making you feel truly connected at all times. If your relationship feels it may be falling apart, we will uncover the underlying issues that are impacting your relationship, and communicate verbally and physically with your partner to bring out the best in one another. There may be a chance in the process you may realise you are not a fit for one another long term, and we will also look at ways of making a potential break up, less traumatic and damaging then it could be. Ultimately in the process you will both be required to work on all of your relationships, including the relationship you have with your self. The relationship success programme for couples is 12 weeks of bespoke weekly coaching sessions, over skype or in person. I only work with 5 couples at any one time. So places are limited for this programme. Contact me for rates and availability.

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Coaching for singles

Whether you are happily single for the time being, or feel ready to really attract the right partner. My experience the past decade in matching and coaching individuals, and the insight I have gained through all my research has really helped me to understand, how to make the right choices, when to understand whether we are settling, compromising or getting clear.

Putting out and shifting your energy. Breaking old habits, which no longer serve you and your growth. How to be authentic and stand out in a highly competitive dating environment.

Ensuring you have a phenomenal relationship with yourself, and healthy relationships around you impacting your views and outlook.

Keeping a check on emotions, and taking a logical view as well as being emotionally intelligent.

How to get people to want to be around you more, and literally be a magnet for great prospects. Taking a heart centred approach, to building a life you truly love! Looking at how to feel love with the work you do, the way you take care of yourself as a whole! I only work with 10 individuals at any one time. Contact me for rates and availability.


Public speaking

Public speaking has always been something I have enjoyed, since I’ve worked in media since early 2000’s. Presenting on stage talent shows, interviewing celebrities. Public speaking is something I really enjoy today, as being able to share my knowledge with people directly, communicating with my audience is something which gives me real satisfaction.

I have spoken at many events in London, being called as a panelist for debates and discussions around love and dating. I have also spoken at a love conference in Bucharest in 2018, as well as the wellness and beauty convention. And have recently started educating in schools, about emotional intelligence and creating heathy relationships, which I’m very passionate about.

If you have an event you would like to invite me to speak at, or are a school who would like me to deliver a talk to your pupils please contact me to discuss terms and availability.