Finding love selectively

For some people admitting that you have hired help to find love may seem like something, which is taboo, just at 10 yrs ago people may have been reluctant to admit they had met their partner online. Images of a loner in the corner of a dark room might have sprung to mind, when imagining an ‘online dater’ but times and attitudes have moved since then. So much so that people openly admit not only meeting online, but even openly discuss disastrous dates from sites and apps. Often with people complaining that there is no a lot of people online, but just not enough of what they’re looking for.

A recent Pew survey found that a third of people using Internet dating sites have never actually met up with someone they found online. It has become like shopping at a jumble sale, you may pick up a great buy, but chances are you’ll end up walking out frustrated.

Matchmaking may not be so widespread as an option for finding someone, but is by no means a service for desperate's instead as a luxury service, for people who may already have hired help in other areas such a personal trainer, executive coach, or personal stylist.


Matchmaking is nothing new, in fact it is one of the oldest ways of people finding love, and still exists as a the fabric of many cultures particularly where arranged marriages still exist. But again, images of some meddling, middle-aged women may spring to mind. And modern matchmakers now have quite a different image, and perhaps cater to a slightly different crowd.

People now seek modern matchmaking agencies not because they are necessarily under family pressure, of course we may have all experiences our parents asking, when we are going to make them grandparents. But in today’s western world and modern society, people are unapologetically choosing to pursue education and carve successful careers before making marriage and children a priority. And when the time comes for them to meet a partner with the view of making a life long commitment, they are not doing so desperately but highly selectively.

With over 50% of the UK being in the singles market it can prove to be hard to dodge the time wasters and undesirables and meet likeminded individuals. Which is where matchmakers come in with a helping guiding hand.

Matchmakers have a network of singles that they have met in person personally. Good matchmakers are highly selective in who they welcome into their network. Such requirements may include well educated professionals who are well travelled and cultured.

Which counts for a lot as all of the elements that make people click are not just a bunch of ticked boxes on a profile, but how a person speaks, laughs, looks, gestures, their passion for life, their likes, dislikes, quirks, their dreams, goals, with whom and what they like to spend their time, views of the world.

You also have the safety of knowing that the likelihood is that the person you meet is who they say they are as matchmakers do background checks such as checking their work and education history.

Some agencies also hold events, which give those who are apart of their network the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

No matter how advanced apps become, you can never replace what we all seek as human beings, someone who ‘really gets us.’

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