Q: What's your success rate?

A:  Whilst our aim is to see each of our members successfully matched in a lasting relationship, as it takes two people to make a relationship work, we can't or won't take credit for the relationships formed from our introductions. However, we do have stories of couples who have had children and got engaged since us setting up the introduction.

We have found, if you meet someone for 3 or 4 dates, then the chances are you have enough attraction and things in common for something to develop, with many people not making it to the 2nd date stage when online dating, if we are able to get past the third date, we feel we have made a good match. Beyond this point, we try not to meddle.

8 out of 10 of our members have reached this point during membership with us, and many have gone on to develop relationships further to that.

Q: How many people do you have on your books?

We don’t have hundreds of thousands of profiles, as we wouldn’t be able to personally speak on that many peoples behalf.

We like to remember personal details about our members through regular conversations.

Our network has been building up since 2013, and we keep our membership base within the hundreds to maintain exclusivity.

Q: How do you find people?

A: Our network has been built from events our team have organised and attended, our best way of meeting people is through referrals, people who've been matched by us, refer friends on, and people we met at socials, private parties, and members clubs. We do also utilise online networks but make sure people have been met with us before we send them out on dates.

What is the ratio of men and women?

We have a very good balance of men and women on our books as we are proactive about approaching people, Interestingly, women tend to seek us out more than men.

What kind of people do you have in your network?

One thing the people our service attracts have in common, is they are busy professionals, a large proportion of our members are entrepreneurs, and high profile professionals.

They have achieved a certain level of success, often academically and always professionally. We are quite strict with who comes on board our network, ensuring that we keep an element of like-mindedness between our members. The traits they often have in common include being intelligent, articulate, well travelled, open minded, and well mannered.  

What age range are your members?

Typically we attract members from 30-60. We certainly do not discriminate based on age, but if we don’t have enough people matching an individuals criteria including age range, then we wouldn’t automatically offer a premium membership

What ethnicity do you cater to?

Our pool of members is representative of London, very diverse. 

How many dates will I get?

Depending on your membership package you will receive a guaranteed number of introductions we put forward to you based on your criteria.

However since we cannot guarantee you will say yes to who we introduce you to, we offer no guarantee of the number of dates you go on.

It is down to you to trust our judgement, since we have personally spoken directly to each individual we introduce, and would have personally met them face to face or via video call and interviews them on your behalf.

We in any case, will not be sending you out on countless dates as we believe dating being a numbers game a dating myth. This may feel the case, when you are swiping,when you take a focused approach to dating, and choose quality over quantity, you will have less dates. Each date however tends to feel more meaningful, as you already know enough about the person to feel you have enough things in common to want to spend your time with them in the first place.