You only get one chance to make a first impression.

When it comes to meeting people for the first time, you only get one chance to make an impression, and before you speak your appearance speaks for you. Therefore whether you are going for a new work position, or on a first date, you must ensure your style represents how you wish to be perceived.

Siobhans vast background includes working in the Fashion Industry, both in the retail environment, and working within modelling agencies, and photographic studios. She has a knack for knowing what looks good, what doesn’t and how to really dress to impress, when the occasion permits.

Whether you are interested in a total image overhaul, make over look, or want to update your wardrobe.

Siobhan can help you achieve the look, you and others desire

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Personal shopping/styling trip


4-5 Hours

Siobhan will personally accompany you, for a shopping trip in London. Picking out seasonal looks, and co-ordinating outfits, suitable for work and social occasions. The day will start with a sit down coffee, where we will plan out the outfit looks we want to create, lunch is also included in the day rate.



David, Lecturer - I always get complimented on my outfits, since Siobhan styled me, not something I could say I got before.

Karl, Banker - I admit I didn’t take much of of an interest in fashion, or how this may impact on womens impression of me on dates, but Siobhan really did a great job, in giving me a professional, but trendy look. I get a lot more replies, now I have updated my photos with my new style.

Maria, Social Worker - It’s amazing the difference a new look does for your confidence.

I felt sexy but classy going out on dates, and I’m sure that with Siobhan’s introduction, assisted in me getting matched.

Rose, Teacher - Siobhan helped me be a bit more adventurous with my fashion choices, instead of my go to look I’d relied on for years.

I’ve been getting compliments, that I look a lot younger these days. That’s definitely helped my confidence.

Mark, Business owner - I didn’t think Shopping was fun, but Siobhan managed to turn it into a really fun day out. And I do feel like a new and improved man.


personal branding photoshoot


4 hours.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and people may decide to meet you for a date, call you for an interview, or use your services based on the way you present yourself on line. Everyone looks online to find out about people these days, That’s why its important to be in control of your personal brand online. Your photo could be the game changer that you need to see more success in your personal and professional life.

A 4 hour photoshoot will take place outdoors, capturing you with 4 different outfit looks.

You will be given 20 professionally edited photos for you to keep, and all photos from the shoot digitally.

Siobhan has captured people on the most important day of their lives, their wedding day, and has a natural eye for capturing people in their best light.

The cost for the shoot, including photos and edits is £250.

View some examples of her work here

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The Total Package

Duration 3 days ( spread out)

If you really want to combine having an updated style, and incorporate with your personal branding online presence, plus have your wardrobe organised then this is the total package for you.

We will start with a home visit, analysing the styles and colours you currently wear.

Look at which colour palettes and styles best suit your colouring and body shape.

Clear out the clothes in your closet, that no longer represent the style which you wish to embody.

They will be donated to charity.

And you will have a new wardrobe which is organised by colour, and outfits arranged so you can easily pick out the look you wish to wear daily.

Allow for 3 days for the entire process, which can be spread out over a period of weeks.

The second day, we will head out on a shopping trip, picking out some key looks, which you can wear at work and socially.

Lastly you will enjoy an outdoor photoshoot, to showcase your new look. And be able to use the photos from the shoot however you wish, whether you want to use for social media, dating apps, on your company website.

You will be sure to feel confident and attractive online by the end of the process.

Cost for the total package is