Are you a high value man, ready to meet your dream woman?


Perhaps you have focused on your career, so much so that you have achieved a high level of success in this area.

You may travel frequently for work and leisure.

You may have been married before, but for what ever reason it hasn’t worked out.

You may have yet to find the right woman you want to fully commit to.

  • You know dating sites don’t show the real aspects of a persons personality.

  • Dating sites are time consuming, and can quickly leave you feeling frustrated by the lack of quality connections you are able to make in this space.

  • You are no longer lead just by looks, but are looking for a woman with the right mindset.

  • You have a vision for the kind of relationship you would like to have.

  • You seldom have opportunities to be introduced to attractive, intelligent well balanced available women.

  • You cringe at having to ‘ sell yourself’ online

  • You value your privacy and don’t want the whole world, colleagues and business associates to know you are ‘ looking for love’.

  • You are confident in yourself and know you have much to offer.

  • You aren’t willing to settle for less than the woman of your dreams.

Then matchmaking may be just the service you seek.

Matchmaking has existed since the 17th century, and despite the emergence of dating apps and sites, the personal touch and discreet method of matchmaking still maintains a high success rate.

How does it work?

The first step is to make an enquiry.

Set up a free call with your matchmaker here

During the meeting you will discuss

  • Your expectations what you are looking for

  • Look at your relationship history to understand what will benefit you in the future.

  • Your matchmaker may have women already in the network who could be suitable to introduce you to, if so you some examples and information of potential matches will be shared.

  • Your needs may be so bespoke, that your matchmaker may need to proactively headhunt on your behalf. Headhunting, requires your matchmaker to attend various functions, and reaching out to her extended network to find the women who meet your criteria. Essentially acting as your dating agent. Similarly to how a model scout, scouts for new talent, or an executive headhunter searches for the right talent for a role.

Once an agreement has been set up, on the duration of which you would like the search and find process to commence.

Terms will need to be agreed, and payment made in advance.

You can expect your first introduction within two weeks of joining.

There is no limit to the amount of women you are introduced to, until you are matched.

At which point you can place your membership on hold, to see how things progress.

Ongoing coaching, feedback and advice will be provided.

Which includes

  • Personal styling and shopping

  • Mindset management

  • Suggestions of social functions to attend, where your matchmaker may accompany you.

  • Dating etiquette

  • Developing emotional intelligence.

Investing in such a service, is truly a life investment.

If you are ready to invest in this crucial area of your life schedule a call

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