A: With our premium membership, we offer a 3-month hold facility. We’ve noticed that once the
couples we introduce make it past the three-month mark, they usually enter into an exclusive
relationship. It’s incredible to see that 80% of our members have achieved this goal during their
membership with us.

We don’t have an overwhelming number of profiles because we believe in maintaining a personal approach. We prefer to have meaningful conversations and remember important details about our members.

Since 2013, our network has been steadily growing, but we intentionally keep our membership base limited to maintain exclusivity. This allows us to provide a more personalized and tailored experience for our members.

We utilize various methods to find potential matches for our members. Our network is primarily built through events organized and attended by our team. We also receive referrals from individuals who have been successfully matched by us and refer their friends. Additionally, we meet people at social gatherings, private parties, and members clubs. While we do utilize online networks, we ensure that individuals have met with us before we arrange dates for them. This ensures a more personalized and reliable matchmaking experience.

We take pride in maintaining a balanced ratio of men and women in our membership. Through our proactive approach, we ensure that there is a good balance between the genders. Interestingly, we have observed that women tend to seek us out more frequently than men.

The individuals in our network share a common trait of being busy professionals. A significant portion of our members are entrepreneurs and high-profile professionals. They have achieved success in their academic and professional endeavors. We maintain strict criteria for accepting individuals into our network, ensuring a sense of like-mindedness among our members. They often possess traits such as intelligence, articulateness, a well-traveled background, open-mindedness, and good manners.

Our members typically fall within the age range of 30 to 60. While we do not discriminate based on age, we consider an individual’s criteria, including their desired age range, when offering a premium membership. If we do not have enough potential matches within a specific age range, we may suggest alternative options or discuss the best approach for the individual.

Our pool of members is reflective of the diverse population of London. We cater to individuals of various ethnic backgrounds and strive to create an inclusive and multicultural community.

The number of dates you will go on depends on your membership package, which includes a guaranteed number of introductions based on your criteria. However, we cannot guarantee the exact number of dates you will have, as it ultimately depends on your own preferences and decisions.


We ask you to trust our judgment, as we personally speak to and interview each individual we introduce. We have personally met them either face-to-face or via video call on your behalf. We believe in quality over quantity and do not believe in sending you on countless dates. While some may view dating as a numbers game, we take a more focused approach. This means you may have fewer dates, but each one tends to be more meaningful as you already have enough common ground with the person to want to spend time with them.