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Our Love Stories
Passion fuels our drive to search high and low for our clients. There's nothing more satisfying than witnessing a search culminate in a beautiful love story. Here are some of our favorite success stories that we've had the privilege to be a part of.

J & M

We were thrilled to work with Joanna, a dedicated doctor with a bustling social life. Online dating wasn’t yielding the results she desired, and she longed for a partner to embark on the next chapter of life with and potentially start a family.
The magic truly happened when we introduced her to Matt, her first match. Within a couple of months, they were already enjoying their first holiday together. Their connection deepened, and within a year, they were engaged. The summer of 2023 marked their joyous wedding celebration. We couldn’t be happier for them!

S & G

Introducing S, a successful businessman in his late 40s, who had been searching for the right match with another matchmaker for over a year. Despite initially desiring someone younger and of the same culture, I had a strong feeling that a person of his age but a different ethnicity would be a perfect fit. Both individuals possessed a great sense of humor, a love for travel, and a laid-back vibe. Encouraging S to trust my judgment, they went on their first date and spent the evening laughing together. 
As their connection grew, S proposed a trip together, which I advised they take to accelerate their understanding of each other. They had an incredible time, extending their journey for two more weeks and exploring multiple countries. After the lockdown, they embarked on another trip, where S proposed, and they are currently in the midst of planning their wedding. 

L & P

During the challenging period of lockdown, L approached me for matchmaking assistance. Despite not being able to meet in person, we had consultations and regular Zoom calls. It was a struggle to navigate the circumstances, as many people were hesitant to meet up, and even scheduling L’s photoshoot took some time. 
L had a clear vision of her ideal match. As a highly educated woman in her mid-30s with a senior position in finance, she sought someone who was intelligent, ambitious, driven, confident, loyal, kind, ready for a committed relationship, desired children, had a good career, received a private education, was taller than her, and took care of themselves. P perfectly fit the bill. They went on their first date in September 2021, explored the Cotswolds on their first trip, and by July 2022, I joyfully received the news of their engagement and the married in early 2023.

M & L

Let me share the heartwarming story of M and L. When M approached me for matchmaking, we met at Stratford Westfield. From the moment we sat down for a drink, it felt like reconnecting with an old friend. Her warmth, grace, and calm nature captivated me. As a social worker, her caring and switched-on personality shone through. Online dating hadn’t been fruitful for her, and she grew tired of swiping through profiles. With a demanding job, she saw it as another task and craved more meaningful connections. Coming from the Caribbean with Christian beliefs, she held marriage as a significant goal.
While she initially thought she might meet someone from a similar background, she remained open to my suggestions as long as the person was a professional, well-educated, and had a kind and caring nature.
On her third introduction, someone I knew well came to mind. We had connected through a local radio station where I was a presenter, and we had even vacationed together in Jamaica. Throughout our time there, I witnessed his genuine kindness and love for the culture, particularly the music he played on his radio show. Like me, he had a professional day job as a project manager. Despite being Caucasian, he had a deep understanding and appreciation for M’s culture. What struck me about him was his old-school gentlemanly manners, just like M.
When I mentioned M to him and he saw her photo, he was immediately struck by her beauty and eagerly anticipated meeting her. Within two years, they were happily married and have since moved to the peaceful countryside, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of London.
Their love story is a testament to the power of connection and finding someone who truly understands and appreciates you.

R & Y

Another heart warming story of R and Y. R, based in New Jersey, was a successful businessman and a devoted father. He didn’t have much luck with dating apps and wanted to find a partner who shared his Latino roots, cared for his son, and had a kind heart. As a matchmaker, I searched extensively and connected him with Y, a sweet-natured Colombian woman living in Miami. They had their first date in Mexico and instantly clicked. They continued to meet in different parts of the world, and within a year, they happily got married. Their story shows the power of perseverance and finding love beyond borders.
Feedback left by more happy members
“Siobhan is the reason why I am so happy with my ideal gentleman! She took great care to truly understand me and made this happen. Emma did this in her own style which was a balance of professionalism, patience, and kindness. Her experience, depth of knowledge, and honesty came through clearly when discussing potential introductions. Emma knows her clients deeply and invested a significant amount of thought on my behalf. She was my confidante in matters of the heart.” – Dora, Retired
Siobhan‘s natural professionalism makes you feel valued as a single person, capable of finding and nurturing committed and life-long relationships once more.” – Graeme, Lawyer
“Dealing with Siobhan has been an absolute delight. The process of finding a potential partner is undeniably challenging and filled with anxiety, but Emma’s patient and thoughtful approach has provided a great sense of comfort” – John, Finance Director
Siobhan attentively listened to my relationship needs and skillfully incorporated them while identifying suitable matches for me. I wholeheartedly endorse her services and would highly recommend her to others” – Eva, Business Owner
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We’re incredibly happy & proud to have sparked thousands of encounters & beautiful love stories. So please share your story with us! We need our a daily love fix.We’re incredibly happy & proud to have sparked thousands of encounters & beautiful love stories. So Let's create a new love story for you.